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Founded in 2008,
Adept Global specializes in
Talent Acquisition and Assessments

Introducing Our

Consulting Firm

Adept Global is a Search & Selection and Consulting firm based in Mumbai since 2008. We have been successful in creating a team of highly skilled consultants that can help a company achieve their mission-critical projects and goals. Adept Global comes into play to identify the best-suited talent development & business solutions for your company.

All our resources are multifaceted and come with years of commended performance. We are the Best Recruitment Agency in Mumbai. Reliable, committed and value-oriented teams provide services to our clients.

Our Framework for Business Success

Organizations that are leaders in the market have distinct characteristics that sets them apart from others. These organizations, in turn, have leaders who follow a disciplined approach towards running their businesses.

Framework for Business Success.png


Business & Strategy

Organizations where the leaders and the employees have strategic clarity of the business and how it will move over time have a clear advantage. They are able to recognize what makes their organization competitive in the market and how the market changes have to be incorporated into their business models.


People & Teams

Collaboration and cooperation can be sometimes more challenging. Quite a few CEOs find it very challenging in getting collaboration across the organization. People and teams can bring about unending success or sure-shot failure through their exchanges. 


Execution & Adaptation

Execution gets premium in the marketplace. An organization that executes their strategies get a high premium from the stakeholders. While having strategic clarity is critical, itneeds to be given a suitable form through flawless execution. 

Our Team

Talent can't be taught,

but it can be awakened

Wallace Stegner

News & Updates

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