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Sales Force Design

An effective Sales Force can mean the difference between winner and also-ran. We assist in designing Sales structure, performance management and rewards programs that can deliver while reducing fire-fighting for customers.

Providing your salesforce the right ecosystem to beat the competition consistently and to be able to win consistently, Salesforce design is pivotal to performance. A sales structure that is well-aligned to the Strategy of the organization is a fundamental requirement to compete in the marketplace.


We provide organizations with principles, frameworks and methodologies that ensure a highly effective sales architecture encompassing salesforce structure, management and competencies. We stress both the cognitive and behavioral aspects of the design to bring the right balance for superior performance.

We engage with organizations to design and deploy salesforce design that enables:


  • Seamless workflow, information transfer and decision making in the sales function

  • Salesforce to be aligned with the Sales and Organization strategy

  • Salesforce to spend more time with the customers 

  • Customers to experience the organization and its products/services in a much more positive way

  • Organization to demonstrate value to its customers in line with its Customer Value Proposition.


We deploy principles, frameworks and methods that are proven and have demonstrated positive change in client organizations. From simple geographic structures to complex matrix organizations to entrepreneurial network models, we help organizations to understand and adopt those designs that give maximum advantage and sustainability.


We engage with our client organization in each step:

Review Structure


Review current sales structure’s strengths and soft spots. Evaluate the impact of the hurdles.

Goals of Redesign

Image 4.jpg

We work with the client company to specify the goals of the redesign. This specification covers the requirements of all stakeholders.

Redesign Options


Our solutions processes provides options of the final design of the structure. We help clients choose the option that is implementable and has high positive impact.

Prepare to Implement

Image 6.jpg

Preparation before implementation helps in the successful adoption of change. We help companies to prepare their teams and infrastructure to implement changes.

Manage Change

Image 7.jpg

Our continuous support during change ensures that sensitive changes are well managed. This change management delivers maximum impact.






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