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Building an Agile Enterprise

Building an Agile Enterprise is about establishing an organization-wide practice of a scalable Agile framework of working and responding to challenges. Piecemeal application of Agile practices to a few projects or functions does endow the organization with full benefits of the practice. In fact, the benefits are far fewer if not implemented correctly. Agile is a buzzword in the IT services industry and people mistake it to be applicable only IT projects. That is not true. In fact Agile did not originate in IT industry but in the manufacturing industry. 

Learning Methodology.

Participants learn through conceptual understanding and practical applications. 

  • Participants learn through conceptual understanding and practical applications of Agile practices.

  • Experienced facilitators impart the concepts in a classroom discussion style with relevant examples that will highlight the crucial differences.

  • A “Learning by Doing” approach is adopted in all the programs.

Learning Outcomes

  • Participants will learn about Agile and its fundamental components.

  • They will learn to prioritize areas where Agile can be introduced in the organization.

  • Understand the changes that are required to sustain Agile in an organization such as changes in organization structure, roles and responsibilities and compensation.

  • Participants will learn the KPIs that are appropriate and relevant when practicing Agile.

  •  Understand how to monitor and to adapt to changes brought in by Agile.






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