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Global Practice

Our Global Practice is a specialist service that caters to the needs of global businesses looking at employing Indian talent especially in the IT (Information Technology) space outside India. The Client mandates are executed through an expert multi-lingual consultant team, which focuses on such assignments.

Our global search consultants use our industry & business acumen to be an active, strategic & trusted advisor to our clients. We bring deep expertise and market knowledge while staying on top of trends and market trends. This helps you achieve your enterprise and business goals by quickly fulfilling your talent needs & priorities across the globe.

A strong emphasis on quick turnarounds and a highly process driven and customized Global Practice, ensures that the search results are swift, precise and outstanding, as is demonstrated through our client portfolio and success record. With our highly structured research-led operations for our global recruitment practice and a personalized candidate contact program, we have demonstrated consistent results across various countries like Singapore, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Norway, Brazil & the United States.

The versatility and professional competence of the Indian IT talent has been seen and proven, beyond doubt in recent years. The domain knowledge and ability to adapt with the experience of having worked in a complex market are some factors that prompt global organisations to look for Indian talent. Adept Global is well-positioned to cater to the needs of this segment given its leading presence in this space in India.






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