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Talent Acquisition

An organization is only as good at its people especially organizations who believe that people are the key drivers to their business.  In current times, the first step towards building and growing a great organization is to attract and hire the right talent. The talent acquisition team is a window for prospective employees to see the same. Professionalism and clarity of thought in the type of talent an organisation wants to hire provide confidence and a view into the organization's commitment to its people they hire.

Why develop talent acquisition skills?

A wrong hire costs an organisation dearly. The estimated cost of poor hiring by various research is pegged at 1.5-2 times the annual cost of the hired employee.  To make talent acquisition team effective and result oriented the team will have to be qualified and skilled on all the aspects of talent hiring. It includes workforce planning and talent strategy, articulating the right employee value proposition, providing and measuring candidate experience, effective stake holder management and choosing the right selection tools.  

Technology and social media applications are also immensely helping organisations to reduce time and cost of hiring the right candidate. Right candidate is quick to get assimilated into the job and will be quicker to be productive in the new environment. Having the right employees also helps in boosting the moral of the employees working the organisation.   

A structured talent acquisition skill development program will help in improving your organisations hiring the right candidate and thereby improving its competitive advantage, market leadership, and gaining customer loyalty.

Learning Methodology

Our program is uniquely designed keeping in mind the competency framework for each level/positions of leaders. Each module is designed considering adult learning principles. Participants will acquire the knowledge, skills and behaviour through – 

  • Self-assessment and 360 Degree feedback

  • Instructor lead workshop 

  • Assignments

  • Executing their personal development action plan

  • Writing a journal.

Learning Outcome

  • Enhance personal proficiency as a talent acquisition leader.

  • Effectively develop TA strategy and strategic workforce planning 

  • Reduce hiring cost and improve efficiency in TA process

  • Enhance self and recruiters team capability 

  • Improve employer branding and candidate experience.

  • Personal development action plan for participants to continue development of TA skills






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