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Managerial & Leadership Skills

In a constantly changing environment organizations need individuals who can take on the responsibility and ownership of leading self, team/s and the organization in all situations. Each phase of an organization’s life-cycle demands different leadership styles and behaviors. We understand through our work with leaders in start-up, accelerated growth or mature organizations as to what competencies work best in these stages. Our leadership skills program is tuned to the need of an organization at a point in time.  

Why Leadership skill development?

In a fast paced environment there is a limited time for an individual to evolve as a leader, there is a need to accelerate the learning. While learning by doing will help individuals learn managerial and leadership skill, it also has its disadvantage – longer learning cycle or leadership error can lead to irreversible loss of customer, competitive advantage and credibility of your organization.

You may hire a leader based on your current need, the environment though is constantly changing. Expecting your leaders to change without supports will be asking for the moon. Key to your leader’s success is not just their technical competence, it is also the ability to manage their style to each situation appropriately. Response to change, managing ambiguity, solving complex problems, creativity, emotional composure, leading teams remotely are some of the competencies that you will want your leaders to possess.

A structured managerial and leadership skill development program will help in improving your organisations competitive advantage, market leadership, faster acquisition of clients and customer loyalty.

Learning Methodology

Our program is uniquely designed keeping in mind the competency framework for each level of leaders with option. Each module is designed considering adult learning principles. Participants will acquire the knowledge, skills and behaviour through – 

  • Self-assessment and 360 Degree feedback

  • Instructor lead workshop 

  • Assignments

  • Executing their personal development action plan

  • Writing a journal.

Learning Outcome

  • Enhance personal proficiency and self-awareness.

  • Effectively lead team/s to achieve business results.

  • Create alignment in people, culture and performance practices

  • Personal development action plan






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