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Organisation Design

With multiple processes and unique situations, organizations lose much due to poor organizational design. Structures without alignment, result orientation and role mismatch are common. We assist in designing an organization that aligns with strategy and builds accountability. We create future-focused structures.


Build an Agile organization with a structure aligned to the Strategy.


According to Elliot Jacques, a company can create a distinct and sustainable competitive advantage by developing a robust and effective organizational structure.


An organization structure is a multidimensional area and the dimensions connect with other management areas such as performance management, compensation and competencies. Any change in the structure has significant effect on other parts of the organization. Yet many organizations struggle to get a structure that is operationally right (meeting the current market requirements) and also accounts for the future.


We help in designing organization structures:


  • Aligned to the business strategy and support performance

  • Having the right number of levels that will enable quick information flow and decision making

  • That Nourish Agility and transformation

  • With clear roles and unambiguous accountabilities

  • Nurture entrepreneurship

We deploy a robust Organization Design process that is comprehensive and provides actionable solutions. We help organizations throughout the design process and support in implementing the changes with a humane touch. The principles of organization design have been used in multiple organizations from different sectors and different stages of the business lifecycle.


We engage with our client organization in each step:

How effective is the current structure?


We work with the client organizations to assess the strength and weakness of the current organization structure. Creating a baseline for review is essential. The process of review requires us to apply a variety of diagnostic tools and techniques. The genesis of the current structure is a function of the organizations experiences and resources available at the time of decision making. We help in bringing out the various aspects of the structure that help in uncovering the benefits and hurdles created by the current structure. A big reason for organizations not achieving strategic goals is due to mismatch of the Structure with the Strategy.

Assess the current structure


Define the goals of the new structure

What should the new structure achieve?


Tricky issues need innovative solutions and a pragmatic basis. Organization structuring can be tricky. The structure is a complementary force to achieve the strategic goals of the organization. New strategies require new structures for seamless execution. A good structure is founded on solid principles of organization structure. Our focus in this stage is to create a clear picture of what the organization structure should be able to achieve in specific areas.

How will the new structure look like?

Our experience in organization design gives us the leverage to propose solutions that are innovative as well as those in use by other organizations. Our deep understanding of the organization's current structure and the strategy being pursued by the organization establishes the ground for ideating multiple options. The options generated are both separately ideated by us and those created along with the client organization project teams.


Develop the best implementable options


Prepare for the new structure

What should we get ready before implementation?

Preparation for the implementation stage is as critical as the previous stages. Often organizations go underprepared in implementing the new structure. We help organizations to be better ready so that all the changes can be well implemented within the time frame and budgets. We help the client organizations leaders in preparing for the change and delivering the change. This stage includes workshops and training for the leaders.

How should we manage change?

Introducing changes to organization structure means a significant and sensitive change to the people within the organization. A change that maximizes benefits and minimizes loss is the most acceptable proposition. Ensuring that the new structure delivers maximum benefit to the organization and the people is part of managing change effectively. We work with organizations during the journey of change and provide full ground support in explaining the logic, constraints, benefits and more to the employees of client organizations.


Deploy the new structure






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