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Sales Capability Enhancement

The Sales Capability Enhancement program is designed for the acquiring the skills of crafting appropriate sales measures and sales roles to enhance the teams performance. Sales leaders will practice application of the skills in a simulated environment and see the results of their decisions. They can compare their results with those of other sales leaders.

Sales performance is a top of the list issue for almost all organizations. Sales Capability Enhancement Program focuses on how Sales Managers can improve their team’s sales performance. Two key levers that Sales Managers can use to enhance sales team performance are the sales measures and role definitions of sales members.



Sales functions perform optimally when there a good alignment between the sales strategy and organization strategy.


A Sales Strategy that is aligned to the organization strategy, at the minimum, does the following:

  1. Supports the Value Proposition of the organization

  2. Gears to meet the financial and market goals and objectives

  3. Assigns changes to be made to the internal processes and systems such that the refined processes can be understood and executed by the sales teams.

  4. Structures and allocates resources for maximum impact.

Organizations can do a variety of things to improve sales performance, such as new product introduction, entering new markets and so on. But one of the most successful ways has been to improve the sales management capabilities of sales leaders. Sales Management capabilities provide a high leverage to the organization through accelerated positive change in behaviour of salespeople.



Line of Sight

Line of Sight

Effective Sales management is positively correlated to right allocation of KPIs and targets, defining appropriate roles and providing resources to salespeople. These are strengthened with coaching, support systems and motivation. Salespeople will have a strong line of sight to the sales strategy.

Better sales management is achieved when the sales team is aligned with the sales strategy. A robust sales management includes defining the market for each salesperson, providing resources, establishing sales procedures and motivation systems, coaching sales executives and assigning clear and well aligned KPIs and targets.

Dynamic Cascading

Dynamic Cascading

Market Oriented Roles

Market Oriented Roles

Most Sales leaders under utilize the alignment power of KPIs. Cascading of goals is not enough. In many instances, cascading may not be done appropriately. Many Sales leaders assign the same KPIs to all their sales team members though the target value for the KPIs could vary from one salesperson to other. This itself undermines the power of sales performance.


Sales management can be at its peak by assigning KPIs and setting targets that match the role and market, effective monitoring of performance along with coaching sales executives and motivating them.

Learning Methodology.

Participants learn through conceptual understanding and practical applications. 

  • Experienced facilitators impart the concepts in a classroom discussion style. Application of the conceptual learnings is done through simulation of business situations.

  • A “Learning by Doing” approach is adopted in all the programs.

Learning Outcomes

  • Participants will be able to craft the appropriate sales performance measures for themselves and their team members.

  • They will learn to convert the organization and function strategies into their sales measures and targets.

  • They will be able to visualize the impact of their sales decisions and be in a better position to meet the challenges of the market.

  • Participants will learn to define a variety of sales roles within their teams and also get to see an opportunity to improve their sales processes.






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