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Learning & Development

Learning and development programs are the backbones of HR functions. They are a part of the company's talent management strategy. The aim of learning and development programs is to align individual employee goals and performance with the company's overall vision.

Leadership Development Programs

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Business Acumen

Business Acumen is a range of skills that people use to make smart business decisions. With high business acumen skills, employees can analyze moderate and complex business issues from multiple perspectives and come up with integrated solutions.

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Blue Ocean Strategy

The Blue Ocean Strategy training aims to institutionalize innovation in an organization starting with product and service innovations. The purpose is to learn to look at the market in a radically different manner. Innovation is the key.

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Strategy Execution

Our program on Executing Strategy focuses on building capabilities of leaders to use the framework and approaches of the fourth generation BSC framework. The Balanced ScoreCard (BSC) has evolved from being a measurement system to a Strategy Execution framework.

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Establishing Accountability

Training Strategy Meeting

Leading Remotely

Leading Remotely

The Goalkeeper

Results Oriented Culture

Results Oriented Culture

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Sales Capability Enhancement

Sales Capability Enhancement program is designed for acquiring the skills of crafting appropriate sales measures and sales roles to enhance the team's performance. Sales leaders will practice application of the skills through our SMLIFT simulation.

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Building an Agile Enterprise

Building an Agile Enterprise is about establishing an organization-wide practice of scalable Agile framework of working and responding to challenges. Piece meal application of Agile practices to a few projects or functions does endow the organization with full benefits of the practice. In fact, the benefits are far fewer if not implemented correctly.

Recruitment Report

Pricing Effectively

The “Pricing Effectively” program is designed for understanding the complex environment of pricing products and services and how to go about doing so in a systematic manner so that there is the maximization of financial goals and minimization of lost customers.

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Workforce Planning

Recruitment Goals Meeting

Managerial & Leadership Skills

In a constantly changing environment organizations need individuals who can take on the responsibility and ownership of leading self, team/s and the organization in all situations. Each phase of an organization’s life-cycle demands different leadership styles and behaviors. Our leadership skills program is tuned to the need of an organization at a point in time.  

New Hires

Talent Acquisition

Talent Acquisition

What Our Clients Say


Hitesh Shetty, Director

I just wanted to share a quick note and let you know that you guys do a really good job. I'm glad I decided to work with you.

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