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Blue Ocean Strategy

The Blue Ocean Strategy training aims to institutionalize innovation in an organization starting with product and service innovations. The purpose is to learn to look at the market in a radically different manner. Innovation is the key. Innovation is required in multiple areas but the ones that will benefit the organizations significantly are the innovations that directly affect the customers. Blue ocean strategy training provides the essential inputs to leaders to define new market opportunities.

Learn the framework, tools and techniques to discover new market opportunities by offering high value at low cost.


Our Simulation based learning program provides an opportunity to learn and put to practice new tools of innovation that can change market position dramatically. The program offers hands-on experience to executives looking to expand their operations and attract new customers.

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Uncover New Markets

Customers need to be attracted by offering newer and higher value. Different customers are motivated by different needs and these needs have to be captured and serviced innovatively.


Executives learn to use tools to identify the benefits that are valued by customers and map them to develop a base line for generating new ideas of serving them. Gaining a good understanding of the customers value criteria sets the organization on a path to developing products and services that were not addressed by competitors.

The products / services that are offered depend on how they have been defined to meet the needs of the customers. If a poor definition process is used then the results will be more harmful than helpful.


Using a well structured and tested process is important for defining the needs so that the product / service that will be developed will meet the needs of the potential target customers. Learn the tools, methods and process to ensure that you have the right definition of the needs and therefore the right configuration for your services and products. Test your skills of mapping the customer benefits live on the Blue Ocean Simulation.

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Define the New Benefits

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Rapid Prototyping

Rapid prototyping is done to ensure that the configuration of the new product or service is tested before it is late to change the course of action. Specific actions are required to be completed in the area of prototyping and testing in the field.


Any prototype that is needs changes has to undergo revisions and the team has to work to ensure that the revisions are exceeding or meeting the demands. The actions required from start to finish of prototyping can be learnt in this program and executed in real life so that you do not miss any action step that is critical for completing successful prototyping and testing.

Every product or service has a value proposition. This customer value proposition is used to attract the customers. Developing a customer value proposition is critical. Companies that do not have a solid understanding of what a customer value proposition can do will ignore it only to lose market to the competitors.


Behind the development of a good customer value proposition lies a good understanding of how to craft it and communicate it. In the Blue Ocean Simulation the participants can develop a value proposition and test whether it attracts customers or not.

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Exciting Value Proposition

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Execute Seamlessly

Participants will not only define the value proposition and communicate it to the customers but will also execute the strategy for gaining new customers. The strategy needs to be planned and agreed upon by the key stakeholders for it to be successful in the marketplace.


Gaining new customers involves a series of decisions that are complex and could be expensive to the organizations. But with the Blue Ocean Simulation participants will be able to practice execution and see the results real time without the risk of negative consequences but with the full benefit of making the right choices.

Learning Methodology.

The Blue Ocean Simulation is part of the 2 days learning program. The simulation covers all the stages in the process of developing and executing a Blue Ocean Strategy. The simulation creates a real-life environment for the executives involved in developing and implementing strategy in the organization.


Executives learn and apply the various tools and techniques of Blue Ocean in a simulated serious game that mimics the real world. In the process, they are exposed to various external business and internal organizational challenges that are commonly encountered while running a real business. Analysis and decision making under time constraint and outcome pressure is part of the simulation.

Executives learn progressively the right tools, techniques and frameworks.

Learning Outcomes

Participants will be able to:


  1. Apply systematically the various tools and techniques of the Blue Ocean Strategy to create a new market

  2. Convert the needs of the customers into new products/services or modify existing products/services. 

  3. Identify the stages in the buyer cycle that can create maximum value.

  4. Visualize the impact of their innovation decisions on the organization

  5. Meet the challenges of leading a team through the entire process of creating a blue ocean strategy.

  6. Understand how collaboration, specialization and competition become effective levers of organization and individual’s progress.

  7. Develop an innovative business or functional strategy. 

  8. Communicate with colleagues in the company more effectively. 


When many executives from the same organization learn this, then it becomes even more effective in communicating with each other and working as a team. Friction, misunderstanding, misinterpretation and the eventual loss of time and energy with regard to strategy and strategy execution are significantly reduced.






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