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Strategy Execution

Executing the Strategy is more critical than developing it. We help organizations in developing, clarifying and implementing business strategy through a set of world-class structured processes that have been adopted by the industry leaders. By deploying robust and tested methods organizations with a focus on building organization capabilities we help our client organizations to realize their strategy. We use the BSC framework for Strategy Execution as developed by Drs. Kaplan and Norton. 

A right strategy aligns appropriately with the mission and vision of the organization. A robust business strategy lays the foundation for budgeting and other functional activities. The first step towards executing a strategy is to have the management team on board and they should be clear about the strategy and its implications.



We assist in clarifying and developing a business strategy that has a wide buy-in.


Develop the Strategy

Translate the Strategy.jpg

Translate the Strategy

A right strategy needs to be converted in actionable steps. Execution is more difficult as it involves more people compared to developing strategy. A robust business strategy lays the foundation for budgeting and other functional activities.


We work with every block of the organization to translate the strategy into a set of actionable steps.

Since strategy execution involves all the people of an organization, it is imperative that all people understand and align with the strategy. Alignment is challenging and typically accident-prone. Turf wars on the one hand have to be balanced with the need for collaboration on the other.


Our alignment process ensures that all the people are aligned with the strategy and are able to make the right choices for their teams and themselves.



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Plan Execution

To execute the strategy and achieve results, planning for resources and their deployment is a crucial step. On-going communication and availability of the experts to guide the people in the entire process makes it easy to plan and execute.


Our experts work with the program and project champions during the planning and implementation phases. They work to ensure that all plans are prepared and ready to be implemented.

Implementation hurdles crop up during implementation, hence it is prudent to monitor the execution progress in a structured and systematic manner. Strategy execution is a team program and therefore necessitates constant monitoring and learning. When organizations make monitoring and learning a rewarding experience they tend to achieve the strategic goals with less stress.


We help organizations establish appropriate level of monitoring processes, tools and techniques that help in staying the course and taking appropriate corrective actions.

Test and Adapt.png

Test and Adapt

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Monitor and Learn

As the operating environment is under constant change, Strategy execution requires new steps to be taken to overcome the obstacles of change in the environment. Managers will need to test different approaches and solutions and adapt to the changing circumstances. A review of the Strategy Execution process and the results is essential to modify the organizations processes and update them.


We organize, coordinate and plan review and modifications of the Strategy Execution process with the program manager, project teams and the senior executives. We work with the teams to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the processes and approaches.






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