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  • Ryan Fernandes


You wake up in the morning hustling through all the rush, and finally get to work. Ah! What's next on your mind?

It is a common notion that you need to start working the moment you reach work. No, that's not really important. What matters is how you plan your day at work to reap the maximum benefit and make the day productive.

Here are five simple steps that will help you start fresh at work and stay productive throughout.

1) Breathe:

Yes this is essential. You've just made you way to work through all the traffic and pollution. You need to step in and just breathe. Breathe heavily for about two minutes. This helps you relax and make you feel at ease.

2) Mentally Plan your Day:

Just after you've taken deep breaths, sit back and mentally plan your day around. The clients you need to follow up with, mails that need to be sent, and all the other essential work that needs to be addressed first must be on your list when you're mental planning. This helps you not leave aside the important things

3) Make notes:

All that you've thought about mentally, it's finally time to take notes of the same. So it's likely that at some point during the day, you will be bombarded by work and you may forget what was on your mind in the morning. Hence, make notes. This could be a constant reminder of the work you have to finish. Making notes helps you function more productively at work and you are less likely to forget things, especially when you are having a busy day at work.

4) Prioritize:

You need to prioritize things to do at work as well. The flow of work during the day will move from severe to mild, but you need to quickly sort out what needs to be prioritized and what doesn't.

5) Start the Idiot Box:

The Idiot Box I’m referring to at your workplace – is your Computer! That machine where most of your work is done! Yet how come this is the last step on your to-do-list?! That’s because it makes more sense to first plan your day around and then finally switch on your computer. Once you already have followed the above steps, you are well prepared to start working. You don’t have to glance at your computer screen thinking about what to do next! Since, you’ve noted everything down; you can just put to action everything you’ve planned.

You may want to start following these steps already! J

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