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  • Gangadhar Mutathi

Achieving Strategic Goals by improving Business Acumen skills of employees

Context and Challenges:

An India focused IT services company wanted to expand its services as well as its footprint in the country. The organization had grown on the back of the traditional IT services and Systems Maintenance work. The top leadership was sensing that if the company had to grow then it would have to add to its service offerings. The desired growth was not possible with the same IT service offerings in the same market.

The existing team of employees had technical expertise that could not be leveraged for expansion. In order to offer newer services, it was clear that the company had to hire experienced professionals from outside. So, the company had hired a senior software technical professional well versed in C++, C#, Java, 6 sigma, Program management and was exposed to Agile practices.

The new senior hire was allowed to recruit people to build a solid team. Soon the new team became large and tensions started accruing between the old and new teams.

The management was looking for ways to make the teams cohesive and collaborative. They sought external expertise help to build cohesive teams who would draw up a strategy and execute it.


Adept Global designed custom simulations for the organization. The objective of the simulations was to provide the executives an environment and experience of working together in developing a strategy and executing it. The simulation was also expected to give the executives a message that with teamwork and collaboration they could solve more complex issues and achieve the goals in a shorter period.

Strategy Several workshops were conducted and simulation based experiential learning was used as a platform to agree on a common framework for developing and implementing strategy. Through the business simulations and workshops participants:

1) Developed a strategy for the company to expand its services and footprint.

2) Identified newer service offerings with time frame for introducing in the market and identified potential customers for each offering.

3) Clarified the roles and responsibilities of the various team members and assigned fresh responsibilities.

4) Modified work processes based on Agile principles

5) Suggested changes to the operating model of the company to align with business strategy

6) Developed mini and micro programs for dissemination of the strategy and operating model amongst the employees.

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